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No worries have myopia sunglasses easy ride

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Myopia glasses myopia people need is well known, but short-sighted people want to wear sunglasses, are to set two pair of glasses? Really only this foolish way? ! No, do you have a choice, more intimately with myopia sunglasses, mother don't have to worry about my eyes! Myopia sunglasses is combined with reading glasses and sunglasses these two functions, it also divided into several different categories. Beginning is on the original glasses belt clip with a pair of eyeglasses, known as sets of mirror, but a set of mirror many times and farsightedness glasses off size, appearance is not beautiful. And clamping piece or small clip insert joint increase the weight of the glasses is easy to cause myopia glasses damage. Some love beautiful myopia after people like to wear contact lenses to wear sunglasses, so although more convenient, but wear invisible to the eyes can cause many safe hidden trouble, and many myopic groups are not used to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are 'corneal contact lens', even if the lens production process again good also will support demand for eyes get in the way, long time to wear contact lenses can cause corneal in continuous hypoxia condition, can cause inflammation of the cornea, edema and even erosion. So, in order to eye health avoid wearing contact lenses. So what are the better solution? Friends can myopia sun glasses. This lens is mainly divided into three kinds, one is the dyeing myopic lens, he is resin lens to dyeing, but ordinary dyeing myopia resin lenses have additional plating on uv again to ask when buy the film. The second is polarized myopic lens, this lens can effectively prevent ultraviolet, but for the crowd myopic degree is higher, the lens will be thick, affect the whole beautiful, and is not suitable for indoor wear. The third kind, color myopic lens, indoor and outdoor can wear, also can effectively prevent ultraviolet, but the price is higher. See individual needs and preferences, need what kind of lens to choose suits own oh.
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