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Not to be missed 5 swarovski elegant sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Swarovski legend in this water boundary, inspiration from conception to series, its creation process is both unique and successful. By focusing on the trend of the planning, design and brand promotion strategy, swarovski for each product to create attractive story, is a model of sunglasses, and swarovski brand will also exceeds 120 exquisite craft into it. Let's have a look at the five not to be missed swarovski elegant sunglasses! ! ! ! Recommended reading: in 2016, the fashionable sunglasses to the glasses frame and mirror arm like elaborate imitated crystal cut surface. Show of self-confident glamour, backpacks are designed for advocating avant-garde style trend. Injection plastic frame and mirror arm, CR 39 ( The inside of Base 6/600 radians) Lenses, prevent bask in high level: ( Level 2) 。 The sunglasses personality is unique, the modelling of the cat's eye sunglasses, former box set with shining crystal, soft glow of unique brilliance. Other mirror arm more compose two more lines almost imitated crystal decoration, all show delicate extraordinary charm. This Fortune sunglasses to delicate and elegant modelling of cat's eye, collocation of water body and round dot imitated crystal inlaid, for leisure or grab an eye and so on a variety of styles of dress up add magnificent glory. Works using a mix of acetate and metal frame and mirror arm, and with a pair of CR39B6 gradient smoked color lenses. The Fifi charming cat's eye sunglasses mixture of the fashion modeling, as well as simple and agile, exquisite and refined lines, for leisure or grab an eye and so on a variety of styles of dress up instant injection delicate charm. The darling reptilian sunglasses with sexy oval frame design, both have luxuriant, the crawler or leopard Yin hua more vivid and bright crystal. Swarovski is above 5 sunglasses on tall, want to know more sunglasses brand information, to continue to focus on sunglasses factory glasses net, please!
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