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Nowhere not style Prsr pasha sunglasses take you look at fashion week

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Every fashion week, fashion icon have a headache? What is the modelling of more bright eye is revealing. Today god brought a male fashion icon - — Jiangnan Boynam, let him fashion sunglasses for you to explain what is called 'nowhere not style'. New York station 2, 18, jiangnan BoyNam, celebrity stylist/fashion artist jiangnan BoyNam select Prsr pasha sunglasses as the New York fashion week, secret weapon of big Tips: 'to street beauty photos, must want to wear! The ink! The mirror! Sometimes slightly depend on the bed, there is no enough time to cover the black rim of the eye, so sunglasses is a magic weapon that fashion street snap, deal with specialized not retouching and photographers snapped ugly expression. 'LOOK at the airport: as a male god fashion icon, jiangnan BoyNam tell everyone to LOOK at the airport what is necessary! Is an essential part of fashion designs, of course, sunglasses, and Prsr pasha sunglasses to jiangnan BoyNam over ten hours after the long flight still can keep perfect fashionable attitude! New York street, NO. 1 socool how the New Yorker's closet less dust coat this item, in order to match the jiangnan favorite windbreaker, back and forth tried several kinds of collocation solution, presented the now after this one coolcool look. Plaid GUCCI dust coat fitted with Prsr pasha neutral black-rimmed glasses, the jiangnan whole collocation and add a few handsome. New York street, NO. 2 New York hippie guest that a different brown department fold wear look can also see that intention of jiangnan, level and bright and it could cope with changeable weather in New York, so if you're in New York, then fold wear is a very practical and beautiful outfit. After the match a Prsr pasha joker sunglasses, deduce the hippie wind to the end. New York street, NO. 3 New York mix the wind dust coat collocation of white shoe style is very New York, the mix along with the gender of the mixing way is what people wear in New York by way of free will. Mix of accessories is extremely important, one without sunglasses, Prsr pasha concise wind sunglasses as a leisure fashion factor into the mix mode. You also want to jiangnan BoyNam multivariant style? To have a pair of Prsr pasha sunglasses, not only is the key to fashion street snap, and daily match the necessary sheet is tasted, the moment you have a unique style charm. The article images & amp; Part of the text material provided by the jiangnan BoyNam public WeChat
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