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Nursery rhymes love frog mirror and the cat's eye sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Tongyao, new generation in mainland actress, graduated from central academy of drama, starring the 'city life', 'the young Yang warrior', the wind the bright moon ', 'dare not say love you' and so on, has recently become the hurricane team ', 'home cooking' and so on popular television dramas of the female one, known as 'little zhang ziyi,' said. Nursery rhymes the temperamental star seems to have a passion for frog mirror and the cat's eye sunglasses, taking snapshots and photo many are wearing these sunglasses, very stylish! Below we look together! Nursery rhyme is covered with a blanket wearing fashionable style frog mirror sea breeze blowing on the yacht, hair flick, elegant art van is dye-in-the-wood. Big boxes of aviator sunglasses always give a person a kind of atmosphere of fashionable feeling, and wear cool, foil the face also is very small. A pair of silver laser frog mirror match the outfit that show a belly, handsome tall lean type, and classic frog mirror is very joker, nursery rhymes demonstrates the unique charm! Breeze ZhongTong yao long hair deep fragrance, collocation with the punk style of sunglasses and a side of the headphones more highlights her handsome, red mirror sunglasses deduce nursery rhymes enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained. Elegant body appearance with charming smiles, gestures show unique temperament, the fans, the cat's eye sunglasses not only sexy also deduces the intellectual charm of women. Tongyao wearing cowboy a-line skirt collocation strong design sense shirt, elegant fashion; Or military uniform cowboy coat collocation breeches, and earn enough to lead a street.
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