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Oakley 'the emperor of the best male shuttler Lin Dan' hand in hand create limited to sign new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
America glasses is the symbol of fashion and sports brand, is the head of the sports glasses brand, its trademark has been integrated into the courage to write his life movement, dare to challenge the physical limits of world-class athletes of global culture, it will be a beautiful art and cutting-edge technology and perfect set at an organic whole, designed to inspire imagination, light the inspiration. Is the global leading sports brand Oakley ( The Cleveland) After signing the first Chinese spokesman Lin, and then the new recruit. The afternoon of May 30, Lin Dan and designed the signature style of set limit to TwoFace sunglasses, airborne Beijing sanlitun swire, and at a well-known glasses chain LensCrafters bright perspective. Red and black color of Lin limited signature sunglasses frames in subversion of traditional dual texture, and engraved with Lin tattoo five iconic red five-star, fully demonstrated Oakley dared to question 'why not' subversive ideas. It is reported that Lin Dan's signature style sunglasses will be put on sale in July formally in the global, including 1000 vice sales in China will be limited. 'Super Dan', why not? Oakley formally signed in February 17 'the emperor of the best male shuttler Lin Dan' is the first Chinese brand spokesperson. Super Dan long unremitting located in competitive sports and personal breakthrough, the perfect interpretation of the Oakley brand of subversion and innovation spirit. Made its debut on the activity of Lin TwoFace signature, after Lin Dan is working with Oakley to reverse the new concept. With world-class athletes and fashion editor of multiple identities such as Lin Dan, the example of crossover design, whether it is a red and black color, or the five-star pattern, represents the super Dan his life philosophy: 'five-star' tattoo is my grand slam, represents the clock's motivity of struggling or the man I want to be able to convey this spirit to all the people who wear this pair of sunglasses. Forward forever, until the end, why not? 'Lin also said:' red like the passion in my heart, and black to represent calm. Both no matter in life or in the game for me is essential to the two qualities. 'The red on the frame of TwoFace collisions, both opposing and blend each other, represents the subversion of the momentum. In addition to the sunglasses itself, Lin limited signature style mirror bag also adopted the red color design. Sports collision fashion, why not? Oakley has never stopped a challenge to 'mirror world'. TwoFace series design originated in surfing and skateboarding, by reshaping picture frame material and creation as the breakthrough on behalf of the design. Adopt unique double material picture frame design, with light weight and durable O Matter as the main body, under the collocation of aluminum frame, two kinds of material composition design bring TwoFace unique Mosaic appearance. The bring TwoFace series, including Lin limited signature style, all specially designed for Asian people, perfect fit Asian face. TwoFace is also being born to movement, on behalf of the city of new fashion. Beyond sport category, more in line with urban style, will break through the limit of passion into the products. The Oakley Lin cross-border deduce, hand in hand to sports and fashion together like never before. It is reported, Oakley will also be arriving in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, to carry out a series of road shows activities. And as a spokesman for the super Dan will bring what kind of subversion performance, let's wait and see. Pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact
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