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Odie daughter with black glasses of netizens

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Recently, odie wife basked in by weibo daughter big eye of, in this photo, the little princess in yellow blouse, with dark glasses elegant lying on a sofa, lovely now! She has a pair of big eyes and lovely, very beautiful plus black-rimmed glasses foil, is really of the net friend! The net friend have watched and call too cute! Say: big eye of Eva, mini harry potter! To be Jo younger sister of change! One man, one cat harmonious growth! Lovely black-rimmed glasses push: sagawa fujii 7395 dc01w tide model of plank of wood box big yards unisex imitation wood black glasses myopia framework sagawa fujii 7472 d imitation wood black C01W handmade wooden leg neutral both wooden black-rimmed glasses myopia glasses looks like and cute, but large framework and round mirror can let you of all, and want to lovely line empty glasses how can alone, and makeup, dress to match! Concrete the glasses how tie-in turns into a fashion 'four eyes sister' 'dolce & gabbana D& G3153PF2688 leisure ms plate full box code black glasses myopia framework the dolce & gabbana eyeglass frame is a high quality glasses, the butterfly frame design let you girls heart, and there is a big picture frame the effect of thin face, a pair of big high quality frames on the face, can't think of cute all difficult!
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