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'Old cadre' glasses and pop back to do a nerd is fashion's future?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
When it comes to a nerd do you think is the big bang theory, the female version of Sheldon: Amy, however just like this. Remember Anne hathaway in the film 'One Day' in the classic - shape - Fine round glasses, whether to have touched at a draught you once upon a time, these feeling in the past have been a nerd glasses element, since this style of glasses after Gucci show to show, the beauty of that have not been found to be attention. This year the screen on the show, street snap, posters, main wind restoring ancient ways ~ nerd is playing small and pure and fresh, the GUCCI conference in 2015 to 2016 chun xia, T stage mounting frame glasses. A series of elements mix build, create a very attractive Look, restoring ancient ways Look interesting, there is kind of weird but you impression of formality glasses female image was completely overturned? To look at the long one by one fashion supermodel, fine wear glasses after all became a nerd. Against the background of restoring ancient ways of printing and tie, there is a scroll flavour sex appeal. Remember, this kind of glasses, must with glazed eyes. This ugly stay accessories become popular tide of modern people. It girls are also started wearing glasses unscrupulous wander the big occasion. This is the first time small S in the modelling of fashion week, although the overall being fun for rural teachers, can be used as a novice at least someone else get the trend this year! Shu qi has always been a sexy goddess, but she also wore glasses and a small show Kendall Jenner but will sister a geek glasses with in-depth implementation of the boom, look at her photo Dakota - INS and street Johnson, black jeans the dog for a walk with leisure suits red plaid shirt is the waist hip nods eyeball. The conflict between geeks and chic aesthetic feeling, everyone felt the baa? So if you still feel bookworm not fashionable, chances are you're out! Geek - this year, how can you don't try Chic, do a fashionable nerd?
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