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Old play bone shuang-li zhang sunglasses street snap exposure was praised 'China tide'

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
A few days ago, a group of street snap as compassionate old play bone shuang-li zhang led to a net force. While comparing the image of the past, you can see, 'uncle' capability of practice is not. Early character in the play, shuang-li zhang is the real 'RunTu', very funny. But outside the show, 'China tide' have been screaming, unbelievable it is the same person. Powerful aura, confident full state of mind, compelling overall wear build, as well as the exquisite details, making 'China tide' coruscate gives the international on the tall rocks. 'Uncle' shuang-li zhang image company level jump behind the refraction of the road to the transformation of its lead, add new annotation to the word 'fashion', captured many fans. 'Know old play bone shuang-li zhang? Didn't think he is the rhythm of China tide uncle! Looking like the Japanese animation master hayao miyazaki. 'When it comes to fashion, a lot of people think it is young people's exclusive, but in fact it is not. Old can be elegant and noble, can be cool ShuaiChao explosion. 'For sealing known as' uncle ', 'old man and god,' shuang-li zhang smile said: 'I also liked the title, but don't add 'old' before 'man of god! Look at my photos, where old? 'So, shuang-li zhang heart is how to define the' gods '? He say: 'not to say that the mind, inside out, inside and outside and repair, is truly the man of god! 'In addition to camouflage modelling, shuang-li zhang prosperous New Year's shape is great. Is the red coats, casual pants and black shoes, gray to see necklace, brooch, and proper roll up trouser legs showing red socks, so pay attention to detail is that uncle. Shuang-li zhang street photographed many modelling, many of these items are all his personal belongings, 'my fashion sheet is tasted a lot, from big to parity people's dress. Such as popular red coat in this group of photos, is my own tao, a body I try it on that day, I feel like this dress decree by destiny, the release of the bottom of my heart. 'He said. ' I also liked a few small adorn article, for the whole match have the effect that make the finishing point. For example, I use the Chrome has rings, necklaces, as well as the ARMANI sunglasses, etc. Wear a experience personally, in fact, the important thing is that always follow your heart! Oneself think right, wear take out all. 'Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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