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OLIVER PEOPLES&THE ROW sunglasses models of cooperation

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
THE ROW and OLIVER performance announced it would launch a new series of sunglasses, its core concept is: to create feminine classics of style restoring ancient ways. The series will consist of six styles, are all about Oliver performance classic brand-new deduce, both the appeal of professional business, also have amorous feelings of leisure at midnight. THE series to Oliver, performance of THE classical design for inspiration, amorous feelings of THE southern California and THE ROW comfortable easy integration of perceptual and understated elegance. Each eye lens paragraphs provide optical and sunglasses, tonal collocation is specially designed for this series custom mineral glass. Ubiquitous throughout the series, two unique style design elements, such as metal conductor bridge of the nose and low-key logo brand. O 'Malley NYC is a series of bright, so one. In THE ROW unique feminine temperament to architecture Oliver classic O 'Malley performance. The series also marks the Oliver performance for the first time allowed to brand design concept to build its classical style. AFTER MIDNIGHT the 80 s round sunglasses for inspiration, to the classic model of that era language draws the outline of New York rush at MIDNIGHT. Titanium alloy frame send out a pure The Row aesthetic qualities, one of The best straight line carving detail, supplemented by design and delicate nose, frame wire, feet legs and mirror. The whole frame of complanation outline for glasses to bring cool and personalized charm. EXECUTIVE SUITE at the beginning of the modern double bridge of the nose pilot lens is the optical lens of the structure, but the end is a sunglasses. Engraving details on titanium alloy frame with straight line, supplemented by design exquisite picture frame wire, feet legs and mirror glass lenses do show the charm of vitality. EMPIRE SUITE this retro inspired sunglasses with fruity elliptic contour, and its relative elantra glass lenses and perfect harmony. On the picture frame, feet legs and mirror the straight line of carved with fine detail, highlighting its metallic simple sense. O 'MALLEY NYC classic O' MALLEY in new feminine technique a new interpretation, laid the sublime style tone for the whole series. The new version is bigger than original version size, soft transparent sheet, dazzling and colorful color, rich of tortoise shell color for this style. Restoring ancient ways collocation glass lenses. DON 'T BOTHER ME as the mirror: my own ( 别打扰我) , is a strong charm of a female gender temperament extraordinary work. And impress the much-anticipated dazzling sunlight.
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