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One mina sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
One mina ( Domina) Brand since its inception, has focused on women sunglasses design, to bring more beautiful women. One mina ( Domina) The brand idea of advocating positive, independent, self-confident, well designed each product, because the focus so more professional. USES the high quality processing technology, the pursuit of a more perfect wear effect. 'Meet with glasses wearing comfort' as the goal, one mina to constantly improve and improve product design and production process, will continuously bring more beautiful women. Product features: the use of advanced design technology for the meticulous show in every process, make glasses wearing more comfortable. Professional radiation protection function, effectively isolate what skin dark ultraviolet ray, protect eyes from the sun radiation, comfortable wearing enjoy summer. Simple and easy, all show the fashion in the simple design, let you emanate charm in the summer. A variety of color choices, let the eyes more charming scenery. One mina glasses series products elegant noble, noble and mysterious series designed for high mature female design, with stable colour gives priority to tone, pay attention to the fashionable feeling at the same time, reflect the excellent quality. Style: noble, self-confident, elegant picture frame adopts the plank, colour diversity, color crystal clear, frame and its leg joint design of mature feeling, low-key costly contracted from the beginning. Choose one mina noble and mysterious series, a new transformation begins from this moment. Series of youthful vitality youth is capital, youth can control everything. Mina youthful vitality series, with different design style, present the same youth fashion. Streamline design to meet changing colors, enjoy a colorful summer. Style: the sun, energy, leisure plate frame with metal decorative pattern, fine process to ensure comfortable wear feeling, natural color for dynamic points. Soft soft time series and fluent line, natural simplicity is tonal, the design style of quietly elegant, quiet and reserved show the unique personality. Simple line paint another summer scenery, cool breeze blowing, comfortable enjoy the summer. Style: gentle, quiet, clever feels cool plate frame, transparent lens, all contracted design, produce the effect is not simple. Mina tender time series, designed for tender you.
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