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Only beautiful outdoor wedding preferred cool sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Outdoor wedding, romantic and beautiful, but it became the first problem; Gorgeous summer is a good opportunity for a outdoor wedding, but to avoid the storm, too bright sun, and let everybody became 'a cat on hot bricks', so, the following six relaxed secret, help you save the bright sunshine outdoor wedding, quick to give your wedding guests by cooling! 1. Provide the sun glasses is not every guests self-provided sunglasses, but in the sun, and the sweetness of your flash, a pair of sunglasses absolutely must, you can spend more idea to put some words printed on the frame, as a small gift for the guests. 2. Prepare frozen drinks to outdoor wedding, at least also want to sit in the sun for half an hour, in order to avoid overheating heatstroke, prepare frozen drinks basic action is an absolute must! In addition, also should avoid to choose alcohol, alcohol can accelerate the blood circulation and body temperature will naturally rise, don't want to thermal heating, will choose the watermelon juice or fresh mango juice drinks! 3. Choose not to sit chair seat selection of heat transfer also affect the temperature of the site, be sure to avoid choosing reflective metal material, also do not use the darker coating's chair, so that guests after sweating, light color is difficult to clean the stains on clothes. As far as possible choose light color, and in the chair and chair cushion. 4. Cooling package for girlfriends group and groomsman group compared to the guests, and you, for you dot run around all brothers and sisters of the regiment sweat quantity must be the most. Close a bit, before the ceremony for them to prepare some wet spray, towel, sunscreen, antiperspirant, clothing also can choose light color and clean cloth, let them cool in the hot sun also. 5. Comb her hair as a leading wedding you, of course, also want to have for thermal, never can be diluted by sweat brilliant light. Cool, be sure to comb the hair, keep the neck position relaxed and drafty, less cramped feeling. 6. Using super waterproof effect of cosmetics to avoid sweating, will prevent bad your good sweat! Use high waterproof and oil proof khan's makeup, especially easy to makeup place such as eyeliner and mascara, better be light make-up beauty, also don't do black eyes of panda!
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