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Only know the sunglasses and eye makeup girl collocation, is fashionistas!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
The popularity of glasses, probably with Alessandro Michele's New Gucci, the transparent big sunglasses is basically a deserve to act the role of item from season to season. So we can also from Gucci catwalk at stealing to a little secret of makeup 'glasses'. Secret: bottom makeup to clear, the eye to cover bottom makeup if too heavy, the bridge of the nose and ear place will be prone to powdery bottom marks on frames. So we need to reduce the dosage of the foundation, with makeup brush or sponge to evenly pushed open, the fluid foundation with powdery cake or overall calm makeup powder, finally reduce glasses slipped or indentation. But! Concealer cannot little, transparent glasses will highlight the black rim of the eye, eye problems such as the appearance of fine lines and so on after the bottom makeup, must use concealer to block defect eye. Is white to buy! Images from social networking/personal blog gucci ( Gucci) 2016 S/S image from a social networking/personal blog gucci ( Gucci) 2016 S/S image from a social networking/personal blog gucci ( Gucci) 2016 S/S tip 2: after facial to carry bright sometimes wear glasses, face will become dark, so it is easy to appear dirty, this is because the facial contour are covered with glasses, and frames in facial cast a shadow over, so the whole face is easy to become dark. So except to cover the black rim of the eye glasses makeup, also need to focus on playing bright forehead, cheekbones, brow and chin four places, offset frame shadow, to add to the brightness of the makeup look. White to buy! Images from social networking/personal blog Emily tower khodorkovsky ( Emily Ratajkowski) Images from social networking/personal blog, jia la method ( Chiara Ferragni) Images from social networking/personal blog zhou secret 3: shallow one eye shadow, eyelash light shoulds not be too long to choose close to frame color and a number of eye shadow, generally with the earth color is for the best, large area in the upper eyelid, eye end triangle, up and down in the lower eyelid after place daub, this make eye makeup feeling is like have if have no, but bright and natural. In order to avoid eyelash to touch the lens, we'd better not take false eyelashes, with mascara brush roll become warped can. Images from social networking/personal blog if infringement please contact delete
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