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Open the right way: a film, that is cool sunglasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
In dazzling sun of summer, sunglasses have become many people outside the necessary sheet is tasted, cool high reverse membrane technology in recent years, sunglass is due to a lot of stars with more and more popular. But you know what? This cool sunglasses can't wear drive, it will not only make you when entering the tunnel 'two blind', more can let you to meet a traffic light, 'read' silly. The choose and buy sunglasses, you are just watching style, with the face? The category and transmission ratio level is 'professional'. Recommended reading: sunglasses selection error, you of? The lens light like a mirror cool? Beach snow to use consumer wear sunglasses should not only ensure weakened by the intensity of light to reduce the stimulation of the eyes, and to ensure that the light must through the capacity, can effectively distinguish object details and colors. As a result, high transmittance, low is not meet the requirements. Part of the product ratio, traffic signal light projection projected ratio, and do not conform to the requirements of the standard signs, these indicators unqualified will affect driving safety. Mainly for buying sunglasses tags on didn't note the sunglasses categories according to the standard requirements and transmission ratio level, without these information, consumer is when the choose and buy sunglasses can't choose according to their own use environment. Although some high anti membrane sunglasses labels for sunshade lens, but the detection of light transmittance, suggests that should belong to the special use sunglasses, applies only to the snow, desert, beach with strong radiation environment, such as is not suitable to wear at ordinary times, more can't as driving with a mirror. While some consumers when choosing sunglasses for driving mirror, because will affect the recognition of traffic lights and bring serious security hidden danger to consumers. The deeper the color the uv protection? Uv protection function is the 'standard' sunglasses when the choose and buy, many consumer have a special liking to dark lenses, think it can better blocking ultraviolet rays. Consumers should be rational to treat the businessman propaganda, do not need to pay special attention to the index of uv protection. Lenses color shades of choice, should depends on the required activities, to make the sunglasses can effectively block the summer light, the color of the glasses should have certain depth, but by bike or drivers, don't choose the lens color is too deep. As driving goggles to choose 2 class of slightly lighter shading mirror or light color sunglasses, so also can be used to drive in a variety of environmental change. How to choose? Learn transmittance level sunglasses transmittance index directly affect the safety of the wearer when driving, then we will learn first transmittance. According to the standard, sunglasses transmission for four level the score, the higher the grade, the higher the light blocking rate. Usually sunglasses categories are divided into: light color sunglasses, sun glasses and special-purpose sunglasses. Light color sunglasses transmittance level 1 class, lenses the most shallow color, suitable for most of the daily life. Sunshade lens contains transmittance level 2 class, as well as the transmittance level 3 classes, the lens color is relatively deep, only in the strong sun, especially under the environment of the summer sun. Special-purpose sunglasses transmittance level 4 class, lens darkest, only suitable for skiing, desert, beach, etc. Know the meaning of the different transmission ratio represents, when the choose and buy sunglasses can according to your actual demand to choose different types of sunglasses. Currently sold on the market of sunglasses, mark qualified words will indicate the light color sunglasses, sun glasses and special-purpose sunglasses three categories, light color sunglasses is suitable for the sunshine is not strong; Shading mirror can play the role of keep out most of the strong sunshine; If it is going to strong sunlight conditions such as skiing, beach, the desert, you can choose special use sunglasses, but this kind of sunglasses is only suitable for use when sunshine particularly strong, once the dark environment, such as indoor immediately remove the sunglasses, and this kind of sunglasses is not suitable for driving. For sunglasses, the most important is the color of the lens can't have a deviation, do not make the color distortion of the surroundings. Consumers how to judge the merits of the quality of a pair of sunglasses? Before without wearing sunglasses to observe the color such as red, green, yellow, and then put on sunglasses, observing the same object, not slant on the colors of two observation, judgment, or you will reduce the recognition of traffic lights.
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