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Opening taking joint 'Olympic theme' new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Opening taking joint 'Olympic theme' new sunglasses, Opening taking 'OC' for short, is derived from the American well-known chain store Opening tide taking the name. Opening is taking by two university of California, Berkeley ( UC Berkeley) Good friend carol lee ( Carol Lim) And humberto, beam ( Humberto Leon) Founded in 2002 chain glasses shop. The founders will 'the father of the Olympics' Pierre De Coubertin advocates the spirit of Olympic competition is introduced in the fashion retail industry, will be had only at a local famous around the world but also unknown designer works in the United States, to do focus on sale in the shop, with exquisite master let Opening of tidal current and popular taking pair of red such as from the Brazilian Alexandre Herchcovitch also featured originally unknown designer, more Opening taking become buyers love to find a treasure trove. Opening taking theme this year a change in a country/region, constantly introducing new fashion elements, make its quickly 'cool' fashion shop ( 酷, 猎人) Reputation. To celebrate the 2016 Rio successfully held the Olympic games, the Opening taking Local with from Australia's famous glasses manufacturers Supply a new cooperation, both bring us a series of new 'Olympic theme' sunglasses. We can see from this series of designer to get design inspiration from the Olympic rings, respectively to choose the green, yellow, red, black, blue, five kinds of tonal the mass-tone attune of the paragraph as a mirror, will also be bold of chromium plating processing using the picture frame, then carry on an has a glare resistant polarized lens, the overall experience provides us comfortable wearing and most memorable. The Opening taking X Local Supply brought us together the series of 'Olympic theme' new sunglasses is now officially in the Opening taking stores and official website for sale, sold for $85, like friends can go to the choose and buy.
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