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Outdoor sun glasses can resist UVA and UVB rays

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
The arrival of summer, all the day light stabbed purpose, this for a long time in the outdoor travelling, not only, more hinder appreciate landscape. If we do some activities such as drift, beach car, bicycle riding, is don't want to put on a pair of outdoor sports glasses. But for how to choose a suitable outdoor sun glasses, a lot of people are not very clear, often by feeling, go with the flow. Good can resist UVA and UVB rays from a professional point of view, at the time of choosing sports glasses, you should pay attention to the lens. Because different lenses to light filtering effect is different, it can be suitable for sports environment is different also. Ray-ban sunglasses RB8056 men 175/6 q hawksbill dark lenses must be better than the light color lenses, can effectively isolate the ultraviolet ray and improve the UV index. Purple lenses, for example, could reduce the visible light and acceptance degree, does not affect the visual clarity. So the cycling glasses lens can be used in a purple, and suitable for long time wearing. Grey lens can provide good color perception, belongs to the experts recommend type. And yellow lenses, can enhance the contrast in the fog, suggest not to wear while driving. Yellow and green gradual color and purple gold plated mercury lens can effectively filter the blu-ray, enhance the visibility of the sky and the ground, so golf glasses used yellow and purple lenses, make the sphere in the field of vision more clearly. Every day the sun is in constant to the three kinds of ultraviolet, visible, ir light, without proper glasses protection, each will cause serious damage to eyes and influence. Asked to choose a suitable for their own movement of the sun glasses, color is very important. In addition, good buy can resist UVA and UVB radiation protection glasses. On the choice of shape of sports glasses, each person also is different, different face frames with different requirements for different shapes. Here's a little skill, simple and easy to remember the complementary principle - — Square, square face choose oval round match. Specific operation up to a square face with wide pilot glasses ( Commonly known as the 'frog mirror)' , can modify the prominent jaw line; Round face with framework is a bit thick, colour slants cold, color dark glasses, shrink face visual effect. Long should choose circular or curved lenses, the proportion of long and thin, give a person the sense of coordination on the vision, cat-eye frames is the better choice; Joker is frame, suitable for various shapes of the sun glasses; A little face is suitable for thin box or rimless glasses, choose quietly elegant of lens can have unexpected effects. Picture frame selection requirements soft and elastic, resistance to impact, when motion security protection face don't damage. Frame of the cover design can make the eyes close to the picture frame edge, prevent the rapid movement of the strong wind stimulation to the eyes. Sunglasses factory 9805 mirror legs gun lens dark green frog mirror real driver mirror man alloy polarized sunglasses is 'glasses' elected prescription sunglasses eye myopia multi-worlds and outdoor enthusiasts, of course, will choose to suit oneself eyes degree of myopia sports glasses, they not only have the general myopia glasses of performance, but also use the PC material can impact resistant surface, this myopic friends can also enjoy the outdoors too fun. For much higher levels of mountaineering enthusiasts, even heat, high mountains of snow is still very easy to damage the eyes, in terms of ultraviolet (uv) light, reflected light considerably more than the sea 4000 meters above the snow line, open hole retinal damage, easily trigger a 'snow blindness', result in great pain, sunglasses can reduce the damage. Sometimes, people will be cheated by cloudy weather, because ultraviolet light can penetrate clouds, dazzling light can cause headaches, and outdoor sports glasses can reach more than 95% of the filtering effect. After using the outdoor glasses, try to take some protective measures, to extend its service life. For example, avoid contact with perfumes, pesticides and other chemicals, in order to avoid corrosion on the lens, frame, to better protect your glasses. After use please send your sports glasses after wiping, load the glasses bag properly kept, please do not store with hard or sharp objects, so as not to scratch the lens or paint. Special note, when cleaning, the use of polarized lenses can't use ultrasonic affected water to clean, so as to avoid the polarization effect.
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