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Outdoor sunglasses purchase tips_sunglass knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-13
Outdoor activities are not only a way to move the body, but also a way to soothe the body and mind and relax the whole body. There are many different ways of outdoor activities, but because the eyes are exposed to the sun for a long time, the eyes will be damaged, and some outdoor activities have to worry about the damage to the eyes by other factors. Therefore, outdoor sunglasses are a good tool to protect your eyes when you are outdoors for sports or activities. Let's take a look at the tips for buying outdoor sunglasses. Outdoor sports sunglasses must be comfortable to wear, clear to see, safe, and not easy to slip off. For those engaged in outdoor sports, many professional outdoor sports sunglasses are made of TR90 frames, which have good toughness, strong impact resistance, and are not easy to break. The materials of the lenses are relatively large, most of which are made of PC lenses, which are not only light in weight, but also not easy to break. The lenses can also prevent other objects from damaging the eyes and have high safety. Lens color, generally choose the color that is not easy to be distorted. The more respected lens colors are mainly gray, brown, and green. Yellow lenses can deepen the contrast of things and are suitable for foggy weather and dim environments. For the driver, it is more suitable to choose polarized sunglasses. Because of the reflected light of the road, the reflected light of the building and the strong light of the lamp holder, it will make the eyes very tired. With outdoor polarized sunglasses, you can The light is very soft, the vision is not only clear, but the eyes are also very comfortable. At the same time, it is also suitable for those fishing enthusiasts and water sports people and so on. For those who are outdoor sportsmen in winter, sunglasses must have high-quality anti-ultraviolet ability to protect the eyes. Look at the tag information on the sunglasses to understand the material of the lens frame, the UV index of the sunglasses, and the functions of the lens. After choosing it, it is better to try it on to see if it is uncomfortable, whether it is easy to slip off, whether it is clear when you see things through the lens, and so on.
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