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'Overheard 3' three Asian pop to wear cool glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
The country hit movies 'overheard 3 strikes, Louis koo, Sean Andy, Daniel wu three stylish men to wear from Lacoste, Calvin Klein ( CK glasses) And Karl unabashed Lagerfeld sunglasses and optical glasses appeared on the screen, will all shown glasses cool feeling. Sean Andy wear in the play CK aviator sunglasses glasses series, the frame consists of gold silver thin metal frame, all present a luxury light golden, lens style atmospheric nobility, avant-garde fashion. Sean Andy: Calvin Klein sunglasses ck1159S - 714 Daniel wu wear in the play of Karl unabashed Lagerfeld black optical glasses embodies the philosophy of the brand innovation, its leg have concise details, integral style is contracted deep, wise and Daniel wu play mysterious image bring out the best in each other. Daniel wu: Karl unabashed Lagerfeld optical glasses KL796-001 Louis koo wearing Lacoste series of sunglasses in the film was modified into optical glasses frame. Fine metal frame and its leg structure draw inspiration from the brand is familiar with the classic details, overall highlights Louis koo resolute facial lines, its leg crocodile logo detail adorns enriched the picture frame, full of Lacoste design elements of the overall contracted style, properly with Louis koo role in play, rigorous and tact. Louis koo: Lacoste glasses L141S - 714 for a long time, brand glasses, sunglasses are various stars essential artifact that is cool, indeed, sunglasses, in particular, the unique charm, can be different interpretation of the classic, especially the brand sunglasses have been spoiled by people and make people fondle admiringly to her. Pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact
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