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Overview of the PVC market in various places on October 17--acrylic lens manufacturer

by:Eugenia     2022-01-11
The PVC market sentiment was flat, futures continued to be weak, spot transactions were poor, merchants lacked confidence, and prices continued to loosen. Type 5 calcium carbide, the mainstream price in East China is 6600-6700 yuan/ton; South China is 6700-6750 yuan/ton; Shandong mainstream 6730-6780 yuan/ton, Hebei market mainstream 6670-6700 yuan/ton arrive. Shanghai PVC market sentiment is general, the price center continues to move downwards, traders' quotations are lowered, downstream purchasing intentions are general, and the trading volume has not increased. The PVC market in Zhengzhou had poor shipments, and the price dropped slightly by RMB 50/ton. The delivery price of Type 5 excluding VAT was reported at RMB 6,150-6200/ton. The Guangzhou PVC market has a dull atmosphere, poor downstream demand, dull trading, and prices continue to fall. The mainstream of ordinary type 5 calcium carbide is 6700-6750 yuan/ton, and some are lower and higher. The Changzhou PVC market followed the decline, and the downstream inquiries and purchases were generally motivated, and the transactions were tepid. The Hangzhou PVC market is weak, and the market price is relatively low. The downstream is cautious, just need to get the goods, and the transaction is light. The PVC market sentiment in Hebei was flat, affected by the sharp drop in futures, the spot transaction was weak, and the price loosened slightly. The PVC market atmosphere in Qilu Chemical City is calm, with a strong downstream wait-and-see mentality, and general demand. The quotations continue to fall. In fact, only one talk is the main focus. Keywords: Acrylic lens manufacturer
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