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Pan Hong girl is really deserved the multivariant glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
We all know that glasses is a universal accessories for many stars, not only helps to shape character, also can cover a modified face. But can control all kinds of glasses, and mirror mirror outside of glasses have a special liking star is a wow, one of Pan Hong is one of the few, she walked all the way, with the longest number glasses! Here we see the photos of the glasses girl together! Pan Hong played in 'tiger mother cat dad' Sun Yaxian stills, she is a tall elegant lady in the play, often change the glasses, daughter-in-law bi sheng male also get glasses to her to do a gift! Sunglasses factory F210Y1 red box white legs ultralight TR90 fashionable men and women with the glasses sunglass factory FR2003C4 black tide non-mainstream myopia picture frame TR90 frame all frames to see if this is paused? Elegant aristocratic lady, old lady seconds a diamond trimming glasses is added her noble flavor. In addition to the black box, wu kuang Pan Hong also like to wear glasses, has a unique temperament is there! Ms sunglasses factory FG60078 glass frame C08 dark sunglasses factory FB6018C7 pink pure titanium female money not only on the screen, his rimless glasses Pan Hong was also a real glasses girl in life, thin black box seems to be more elegant, the temperament of knowledgeable. From the above photo is not hard to see Pan Hong glasses is more slender black box or frameless, give priority to with thin rectangle type many, the glasses with her oval face and heavy, more vitality and have a elegant temperament. Here I recommend a few thin rectangular glasses to dear friends! Coach fashion lady HC6007BA titanium plate 5002 black myopia glasses sunglasses factory FB60061 red C105 full box code ms myopia glasses frame seiko H02049 red fashion super light glass frame myopia glasses female in pure titanium frames
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