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PARIM( Send li meng) The sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Duration of sunglasses sales busy season, in order to popularize knowledge of sunglasses consumption, so that consumers to provide consumers with practical methods and techniques of choose and buy sunglasses, small make up often share some sunglasses brands and knowledge introduction of choose and buy, want to be able to help the reader learn more knowledge about sunglasses. Parim( Send li meng) The sunglasses? Parim( Send li meng) Brand founded in 1992, since its inception has been focused on developments in the field of glasses. Send li brand with intellectual beauty as the core, advocating romantic and intellectual, advocating creative way of life, is a blend of fashion, delicate, comfortable, with high quality lenses and frame material for Oriental facial features elaborate. Send li meng sunglasses not only satisfy the wearer comfort and fashion sense, more dash forward show the connotation of its elegance and intellectual. In order to cater to the fashion of the consumer demand, sent her sunglasses added chromatic polarization series in recent years, to meet the requirements of more beautiful people. Now, sent her sunglasses has become an indicator of the fashion, with its advantage of wearing comfort and fashion sense gradually occupy the market dominant position. At the same time, compared with other designer sunglasses at home and abroad, sent her sunglasses has the absolute advantage in price, favored by consumers. Send li meng sunglasses 8213 elegant series S2 market price RMB 268 sunglasses factory price is 118 RMB immediately save 150 RMB
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