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Paris fashion week, depends on how the star fashion glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
In just the past near Paris fashion week, the actress in clothing accessories become the focus of entertainment media scramble to report, among them the adornment become the nods eyeball pen of glasses. Below, sunglass factory glasses with everyone together to enjoy the actress how fashion glasses. Fan bingbing on Paris fashion week is no longer a fresh topic, but every time the appearance of can cause a lot of excitement. The fan bingbing at Paris fashion week, alongside a body of big shop sign, aura, especially the geometric sunglasses with a flaming lips, strong ambition. Zhang Xin estates at Paris fashion week, and the simple black and white with exaggerated modelling sunglasses, high-standard compact makeup look, again will be sweet to high standards, and do not break elegant temperament. Cecilia liu during the French fashion took a group of French amorous feelings street snap extremely large, in the elegant Cecilia liu street is quite slow in Paris, France, first assembly big sunglasses, fashion elegant demeanor.
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