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Park ShiHou black casual wear dark glasses appeared in Shanghai face difficult to smile

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
South Korea's new generation actor park ShiHou recently appeared in the Shanghai pudong airport, hundreds of fans who were waiting to pick up, and then appeared park ShiHou a black mood good, casual wear sunglasses and it smile. Since 2005, in the meet the perfect neighbor method since the debut, park ShiHou in han drama known by audience, especially the clear pool hole Alice, handsome and funny 'car' progenitor 'corner the estadio do dragao to become a young woman's wet dream. Park of South Korea do dragao ShiHou like many stars, on many occasions arise will be put on a pair of sunglasses, can not only reveal fashion taste, but also can keep out not dress up without makeup, is kill two birds with one stone. Park ShiHou although put on sunglasses, but still stand in his trademark smile, his fans said, park ShiHou smile can virtually give a person a kind of don't give up the courage and power. Below, along with glasses sunglasses factory enjoy park ShiHou trademark smile.
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