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Pasha glasses 2015 new sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Domestic well-known glasses enterprise surplus chang group, female glasses fashion leading brand 'pasha glasses' in 2015, the new international star fan bingbing, hand in hand again, to introduce more internationalized design, apply the deductive glasses as a new new meaning of ornaments, Oriental female blossom natural charm, showing changed! Pasha sunglasses close focus on modern Oriental female the need for glasses fashion, product materials and lapping sunshade function. A strong professional design team, adhere to the inspiration impact excitation product ideas, gather more international design elements, avant-garde, restore ancient ways or contracted classic, you can find them from the pasha sunglasses, wear pasha, get rid of blindly chasing, you is the trend of lead! Think there is no fashion only political office that is behind The Times, even in the workplace can be a stage show ego city female charm. Pasha 2015 new urban fashion series, using the classic contracted design, make for white-collar OL professional accessories, gently release a powerful current, show elegant texture. Modern series are more attention to the use of fashion elements, swarovski diamond, European court elements and hollow out design is pasha cleverly mix to the modelling of sunglasses, instantly make you become the focus of the fashion of the street, modern is so simple! Pure and fresh and romantic series with beautiful beautiful colour, avant-garde design and detail carve is different from other styles, for urban women realize the romantic dream, choose such a story full of mysterious pasha sunglasses, enjoy chasing the sweet feeling. Your elegant luxury series represents the Oriental female pursuit of exquisite life and high-end experience, low-key but elegant, light ripe female fashion sheet is tasted, not to be missed is classic compose ACTS the role of classic frame collocation, excellent taste since pasha! The ultimate charm series excitation sexy charm, deep in the hearts of women the design style of mystery and charm, let you to know his own self. Want to get away from routine? Pasha lit for you true my charm, bring infinite surprise. Pasha glasses to open a new chapter in the New Year, mining the east women's unique charm, with ever make you have a forefront of international fashion experience! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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