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Pasha new sunglasses in early spring of 2015

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Pasha glasses are sensitive tentacles lead modern women deserve to act the role of fashion, whether the selection of frame shape, detail design design and color texture used the high-standard requirements for joint Oriental. 15 years in new sunglasses series there are seasonal design, the flower is more dominant, become fashion street snap in eye-catching deserve to act the role of, let's check! Minimalism is 15 years of spring and floral fashion fashion keywords, international brands are also beginning to use 'simple' design narrative way of dressing, while the flowers of spring scenery in collage, tie-dye and hollow expression appears in the quarter to dress up! Color of beautiful beautiful pasadena B6770 - P40 model with simple but elegant plain pastoral dress up contrast, collision gives surprise effect. Is red flower texture attractive rippers, cat's eye shape frame joint face contour, and relatively simple rural wind dress collocation can reveal more feminine women. With its extremely wide sunglasses international fan's charm conquered a lot of fashion people, pasha B6778 - P41 whole chooses white pink floral patterns, as if the warm spring peach ornament in the eyes, is enough to cover half face large crystal through frames made of beautiful people has star temperament, metal mirror arm is to model the fashionable modelling photograph echo. Not only in fashion, more and more urban women also began to try hale handsome neutral wind. Ginger tooling shorts and tailoring exquisite plain shirts for model shed morbidezza, show another taste. Pasha J6651 - J15 paragraph no picture frame model would be a perfect rendering of lens curve radian metal hollow out runs parallel mirror eyebrow, into the black broken mirror arm, is tailor-made for the handsome girl better choice item! Widely popular in Europe and the wind shows powerful aura, pay attention to the streets and contracted it is a better interpretation of along with the gender, sleeveless jacket and rolled edge jeans and pasha B6774 - He model of formation of the palace restoring ancient ways elements mix build, tender yellow broken beautiful design for integral collocation a spring warmth. If you want to create as sweet as the girl next door lovely modelling, so might as well try pasha J6650 - J04 sunglasses, colorful polarizing lenses create a romantic fantasy blurred dream, highlights the nifty sweet women. Into the hollow out mirror arm red broken beautiful design, put flower charm for the wearer alone charm. Pasha B6763 - exclusive network model P42 and model type chic pure white skirt collocation, fully show a society full of feminine style. Box type small cute cat's eye contour, thin mirror arm and coated frames on both sides of the flower adornment deducing charming amorous feelings. March all things recovery, select pasha sunglasses for your travel fashion dress up strength, shining street! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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