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Pasha 'nowhere not style experience pavilion' all show the multivariant charm!

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Glasses industry at the forefront of domestic brands, pasha, again with its innovative ideas which leads the fashion festival this summer. Much-anticipated 'nowhere not 2015 pasha style experience pavilion' in the three cities across the country this month, bring about new trend fashion glasses! The road to nowhere not style as a theme, covers the core concept of pasha glasses this year. Hundreds of sunglasses in style experience hall event, this is the march pasha glasses exhibition after another event, galleries of white fundamental key, located in the center position of glasses display, four topic background and the vertical type frame around the distribution. Visitors can stroll along the pattern booth, present view omni-directional, pasha, delicate design and special technology. Pasha select whole series of sunglasses, fashion designs reveal the multivariant style, many sunglasses sparkle swarovski elements, all give sharp fashion sense of touch and unique design. Participants will receive a present relevant personnel of professional guidance and tie-in proposal, can not only enjoy try services, experience of feeling comfortable wearing, more can simulate different modelling, style photographs taken. Pasha reduction and present the theme of the real scene, offers participants immersive feeling at the scene. Blue sea beach, west road, modern streets or small endowment cafe can catch here. Pasha heavily to build the toast fashionistas dream scenario, initiative, spearheaded style 'nowhere not 2015 pasha style experience pavilion' since opening has attracted nearly all people to participate in, with glasses fashionable successful awakens the urbanite every-changing charm, for modern women, renewed confidence. Pasha create fashion, don't follow blindly follow. After exploring the depth of distinct personality to Oriental, advancing with The Times and the trend of the aesthetic combination, with modern design creates multivariant style, to bring the wearer as high-end experience and change, along with the style and looks. Adhere to the concept of such, pasha glasses in the same period recently launched campaign ', 'style, for the first time using online participation and scoring mechanism at the same time, encourage participants to brave challenges all exhibit style, get consistent high praise. Using online go hand in hand to develop pattern, claims for fashionable personage with interesting interaction brings refreshing experience, is pasadena to digital marketing strategy to further practice. To better understand and service consumers, and strengthen the depth of the communication between each other is one of the original pasha open the roadshow, through product display, such as physical wear and reality glasses show multiple ways, consumers can more quickly understand the pasha glasses fashionable new trend, and this kind of extremely innovative marketing campaign will also will bring pasha glasses brand image and the actual sales of mutual benefit. Pasha break the traditional mode of brand marketing and customer experience, adhere to the 'nowhere not style' the activities of the concept, the use of various channels and new media interactive features inspired fashion crowd inner resonance, believe your confidence to show it is the driving force of ever-changing charm! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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