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Pasha shining glasses at swarovski global fashion jewelry exhibition in 2016

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Swarovski 2016 global fashion jewelry enterprises in three on the bund in Shanghai on June 23, the gallery has held the opening ceremony, in this exhibition, pasha glasses with shiny attitude shows its full of fashionable charm. The theme of 'The Art of Crystals' exhibition to induce expression of inspiration, presenting The world's top design talent using swarovski elements that composed The fashion jewelry, show its shine. 23 on the same day, many fashion media and celebrities attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the city, long legs queen miss Lynn is amazing, all shining bright light from swarovski elements. In this exhibition, in addition to more than 50 such as Versace, Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli and other international designers proceed work, there are 35 with swarovski elements as an important element of the brand brand products also participated in the exhibition, including Prsr pasha glasses show brand of queue. Sunglasses is one of the collocation of fashion is the most important item, pasha glasses has been continuously study, with superb technology to create the most suitable for the children of the east contour features and aesthetic appeal of glasses. Glasses above the swarovski elements have been pasha glasses of bright spots. As glasses industry leader in China, pasha glasses have been joint fashion design for everyone's love, is indispensable in people's fashion modelling collocation sheet is tasted, also became one of the many fashionable wide bright window. And many guests attending the opening ceremony, the scene show the pasha glasses showed a great interest and a pair of ordinary sunglasses after pasha opportunely design and craftsmen's hand inlaid, glasses swarovski elements has become one of the important components of pasha fashion style. Do you want to feel the charm from pasadena glasses? Have a pasha glasses, create belong to your fashion style. This article from tencent fashion website, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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