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Passers-by variable stars only one artifact - — sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
If can give you a second increase the temperament of the artifact, will you think of the sunglasses! Sunglasses is made one of the high street, also let you from a stranger a variable star artifact! So what sunglasses are more likely to attract people? Let's take a look at! Suitable sunglasses, more can promote personal aura! You always partial love sunglasses fashion bloggers, oh! Summer is coming, small make up to you choose the three popular 2016 sunglasses, wear it to lead high don't don't of ~ 1, cat's eye sunglasses cat's eye sunglasses and sexy, restoring ancient ways is very suitable for mm, round face can improve facial lines, perfect even a lovely round face, also can appear angular. 2, reflective glasses reflective sunglasses are suitable for men and women, cool lens, take it very eyes. Pay attention to the color of the color of the clothes and reflective sunglasses fashion bloggers to photograph echo ~ jia. Method, the unique sunglasses, modelling is very rich. 3, retro sunglasses glasses is characteristic of restoring ancient ways, cool windbreaker again as long as wear round glasses, instant will be full of ancient flavor. But round sunglasses more fractious, face the mm of not perfect, can choose Oversize lens can better modify face. Round face mm choose round sunglasses, it is easy to face more round. Sunglasses styles are important, but and his suit is also vital, judgment, and whether they fit the first standard is to see whether the sunglasses and your face! According to the different face to choose 1, square face: recommended sunglasses: ray-ban RB4257 - F ms sunglasses 6092/2 hawksbill y/tea is suitable for: partial round glasses, border to crude is not suitable for: should avoid to narrow the box and delicate sunglasses and a square face with, will appear small recommended, a round face and disproportionate 2 sunglasses: ray-ban RB2140 - F sunglasses 902 hawksbill blackish green box is suitable for both men and women: rose radian glasses, four broad picture frame. Not suitable for: round sunglasses. 3, oval face of recommended sunglasses: anta AT8002C8 tortoiseshell big frame glasses hipster fashion genuine polarized sunglasses for women: box type broad sunglasses are not suitable for: fine faces metal frames, frameless sunglasses 4, nabla recommended the sunglasses: ray ban RB2132 - F men sunglasses black/dazzle colour blue chip is suitable for: 622/17 with thicker frame, color is deeper, the wide width transverse glasses are not suitable for: the sunglasses, in short, that line is too hard sunglasses are indispensable fashion sheet is tasted can both can protect your eyes and concave shape hurriedly put together!
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