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Peace in a white suit black-rimmed glasses sunshine handsome photo

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
Reading, recently a group of handsome photo exposure of peace, a new photo exposure of peace. Peace in a white suit black-rimmed glasses, seemed to have bigger difference, and the previous image such peace more sunshine, full of vitality, a bright. Peace in a white suit black-rimmed glasses sunshine handsome photo peace peace ( Anson Ping) , from Shanghai, born on November 9, Chinese pop male singer. In 2011 I loudly, 'the national championship. In 2012 in zhejiang satellite TV program 'Chinese good voice' singing and for the general audience, obtains full marks so far and become a singer, won the 'echoes of the music awards. In the same year to participate in the CCTV 'direct gala' won the national championship, and Spring Festival gala on CCTV 2013 snake stage, singing 'I love you China'. 2013, CCTV large music motivational programs 'looking for liu sanjie' judges and teachers. In January 2014 as the central people's broadcasting station literary voices 'time cinema' show host, in the same year as the central television station 'I want to go to the Spring Festival gala' judges. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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