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People of different face how to choose and buy fashion glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
A lot of people buy fashion glasses in glasses sunglasses factory network, don't know what to choose their own face what kind of frame glasses to show their fashion. To this, the small plait sunglasses factory specially for everyone to sort out a set of suitable for different face shape fashion glasses strategy of choose and buy, for you as a reference when the choose and buy. In general, square face type is suitable for the oval frame glasses or are soft glasses box type, by wearing this kind of glasses, can soften the face outline, make your face look more rounded. And round face are suitable for wear in contrast to the square face frame glasses, because it would be no contour, round face itself looks so need through the glasses frame is hale and hearty to increase the sense of the outline of the face, it is worth noting that the long thin mirror feet can make round face looks stretched, the screen will face is more thin. While inverted triangular face need to wear that kind of narrow upper lower wide frame, in order to modify the face, let your face look more symmetrical. Here, small make up to congratulate those who oval and melon seed face, because no matter what frame glasses to be able to show the beauty of the face. Choose a suitable own box frame type is very important, different people when choosing fashion glasses must be on the basis of his own face in the choose and buy, such ability can let reveal the fashionable breath at the same time to perfect his own face.
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