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Perfect glasses of winter sports

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
We are in the winter sports season, downhill and cross-country skiers and spend winter holidays and weekend skiers on the hillside. However, it brings a lot of pressure to our eyes, because the snow magnified by the reflection of the sun, make it more difficult to compare. Therefore, the correct sunglasses is essential, especially for safety reasons. How to find the right winter sports glasses: buy glasses, must find made of polycarbonate shatterproof and elasticity of the lens. Due to its light weight, the material wear very comfortable. Due to its flexibility, polycarbonate lenses can also be applied to children's glasses. Our sports polarization, ColorMaticIQ & reg; The sun or SunContrast lens provide perfect visual comfort reflective surface such as Snow White. Because the respectively has polarized or contrast enhancement effect, you can greatly reduce the glare, to improve the color perception, show clearly the details and contrast. Intelligent ColorMaticIQ & reg; The sun glasses with lightning speed to adapt to all of the light conditions. There are six kinds of charming color, dark smoothly from 5% to 85%. Recommended reading: what's the use of polarized sunglasses, of course, all the lenses can be used in your personal prescription, and progressive lenses in sports, the wearer can enjoy the perfect visual effect. Impression & reg; Sports 2 was the first progressive lenses, is tailored according to the movement of the dynamic visual demand. The camera provides excellent dimensional feeling and clear vision ( Especially at dusk) , they have a very large, balance of visual area, and provide different colors for different sports. Combined the technology of patent glasses, you can make full use of your eyesight potential. Impression & reg; Exercise 2 lenses to strongly or slightly curved glasses frame, and the clip version. Look better, looks perfect on the hillside.
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