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Photochromic glass and resin color difference

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
According to the color piece material classification, can be divided into glass color piece and resin color piece. Classified according to the processing technology of the photochromic piece, can be divided into color mixing type color, film type, infiltration type color. This paper mainly introduces the photochromic glass and resin discoloration of difference. Photochromic glass and resin materials after aging is the difference between the two different performance, photochromic glass lens after aging lens color tend to be deepened, and the resin photochromic lenses tend to lighter color depth after aging. Photochromic glass lenses lies in different conditions of silver halide decomposition and combination again. The photochromic lenses after 2 min sun, through the lens of bright light can decay to 50%; When the lens leave sunshine after 2 min, to restore the light by 23%; After about 20 min, can fully restored to the original. Resin photochromic lenses can dyeing processing, similar to that of the same material resin lens dyeing process. Dyeing won't destroy the photochromic performance, but because the dyeing has changed the impression of the lens, may lead to change color change color.
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