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PiaoHai black-rimmed glasses in the town of handsome new height

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Small make up for the first time contact PiaoHai town is he plays, 'seven princess in rumors', did not know his real name, even couldn't remember the name of the star, only remember he often wears a pair of black glasses, a pair of elegant appearance, very crazy, very persistent, god is really small make up the hearts of men! Look at this shape not only let the heart ah ~ ~ wears glasses a cute lovely little fresh meat, and have a solid sense of security, no resistance! Black box recommendation: sunglasses factory 9812 c2 black box and white legs retro black box frames plank myopia frame montblanc MB626 - F men glass frame A01 black 'black box' male god no matter what dress up is so handsome and charming. Slender frame glasses seems to have a magic, let a person very easily focus the eyes staring at him, there is a deep magic, but as long as he appears in the play, see him let people love dearly, and cardiac O ( ∩_∩) O ha ha ha ~ to remove the black box 'karstens' less of a man's feelings, and seems to wear black box more can reflect his loyalty and dedication. Sunshine teenager wearing a black box to add a mature, indentation in a fashion. Obama wore round glasses much a fan of literature and art, put on his hat and a lot, but the small make up is like the 'karstens' youth shy. Want to handsome new height, choose a pair of glasses is tie-in! Montblanc MB618 - F men glass frame 001 black burberry B2212 - F men glass frame 3554 black
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