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Pierre cardin sun lenses CR39: polarized lens new breakthrough

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin from men's, women's, children's clothing, sunglasses, accessories to the automobile, the airplane model; From opening boutiques to business hotel, almost everything. Pierre cardin ( Pierre Cardin) With more than 600 different patent product, the staff 170000 people, located in hundred countries and regions. Pierre cardin in many of the products the sun glasses CR39 polarized lens is a new breakthrough in the industry, basically has the following characteristics: CR39 polarized lens features: 1. Polarized lens high strength 60 times than glass, excellent impact resistance, better protect eyes safety; 2. Lighter than glass polarized lens weight more than 50%, reduce the weight of long-term wearing sunglasses, greatly improve the wearing comfort; 3. Compared to the ordinary polarized lens is not easy to deformation, not afraid of rain, can tolerate certain high temperature; 4. CR39 polarized lenses really no color vision parallax, the color clear and true; 5. CR39 polarized lenses have excellent anti-ultraviolet function, more suitable for outdoor work, leisure and activities. It takes advantage of the principle of polarized light? Polarized lens is volatility and using light principle, using technology to manufacture tiny grating, fine to just let with the polarization direction of the light, through extremely effectively reduced the strength of the direct light. Because most of the reflected light, scattering light polarization Angle was changed, not through the grating, so polaroid to eliminate reflected light, scattered light has obvious effect.
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