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Pilot: why do you want to wear sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
We saw the pilot of the plane often seems to be a pair of sunglasses is dressed up, but also specifically with its naming aviator sunglasses, is this why? Actually pilots wear sunglasses is not just for cool to play handsome, it is made of TAC or the advanced materials such as PHOENIX top polarized sunglasses. Besides the general sunglasses incomparable function of soft see things more clearly, also can prevent glare, radiation protection, uv protection, is used to protect the pilot jin-gui eyes ( The pilot's vision must be 5. More than 0, vision loss must be eliminated) 。 A lot of people know, the pilot is forces baby, mature and a very difficult. Forces of other people is not with glasses, only for a pilot with the top polarized sunglasses to protect eyesight. Pilot glasses is designed for the pilot production for grounded when wearing eye equipment, mainly used for the pilot flying helmets before and after the plane pulling off, for the eyes to adapt to the strong light have a buffer effect, to protect your eyes. Pilot to fly fighter jets, all can wear special pilot helmet, and a layer of from appearance looks black in front of the pilot's helmet lenses, polarized light, the light in the integration of function, under normal circumstances, just a wear, suddenly feel eyes dark. When the helmet Dai Jiu pluck, eyes are frequently airport that open direct sunlight and stabbed eyes, as a result, after a pilot glasses can get this situation improved to a certain extent. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3541 men 001/13 gold/tea tablets generally aviator sunglasses with TAC materials do lenses, TAC is cellulose acetate material, three in solvent casting film processed into film, is still light through one of the highest degree of polymer material, have excellent optical performance, surface hardness and scratch resistance, at the same time TAC good prevent PVA polarizing film shrinkage. TAC besides has high optical quality, and very good scratch resistance, resistance to moisture absorption, and stable polarization PVA membrane adhesive ability. The other aviator sunglasses as a pilot of the magic weapon that shield an eye is also very suitable for driving, outdoor activities, tourism and leisure, and so on, but if you want to buy a set of quality goods, very not easy. That is why the pilot sunglasses related content, want to know more information to sunglasses sunglasses glasses factory network view.
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