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Plastic sunglasses not sunscreen also hurt eyes

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
Zhejiang temperature has been above 40 ° for four days, the hot weather and hot sunshine, can't afford to go out without wearing sunglasses is really hurt. Good sunglasses in addition to being able to resist the strong light, ultraviolet ray, protect eyes, also can have the effect of beautiful decoration. Now, however, appear on the market a lot of cheap plastic sunglasses, harm to the eyes of the people's health. A lot of cheap sunglasses is '3 without' product HanJiang disappear assist recently visited each big store had found within their respective jurisdictions, huge sunglasses price gap, nearly three sunglasses without quality guarantee. A lot of sunglasses for sale price - in 30 yuan 100 yuan between, a class style and slightly better quality sunglasses, the price is in 200 yuan of above. In four at a jewelry store, a 30 ms around the age of 29. 9 yuan to buy a pair of sunglasses. At the same time, also bought the children around a pair of sunglasses, children cartoon picture frame, very western style. 'Daughter like this cartoon image, the glasses bought it as a toy, is there any role doesn't matter, children like you can. 'Said the woman. Staff found that only a small label on many cheap sunglasses with a price for the sunglasses, bar code, as for the brand, manufacturer, product material all have no, also does not have the quality inspection certificate. Many small stalls and 30 yuan products most doesn't even have labels or tags, basic it is a string is put on the glasses on the shelf. When researchers asked sunglasses ultraviolet UV index, a face of said blankly, 'don't know much about it, the goods are in normal manufacturer, the quality must be no problem. As long as the sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet light. 'Recommended reading: choose summer sunglasses color more than pay attention to the inferior sunglasses for plastic lenses the expert reminds, the choose and buy sunglasses, try not to choose street' 3 without 'product, and more should pay attention to its functional when choosing, instead of aesthetics. Sunglasses factory, 6069 men and women general sunglasses C4 blue box gun leg/dazzle colour blue ten dollars and hundreds of yuan sunglasses what difference in where? The main difference is on the lens material selection. The inferior sunglasses are mostly plastic lenses, both neither can prevent bask in, will cause harm to the eyes. And inferior sunglasses were poorly made, there are often dioptre to exceed bid, lens thickness is different, color is not uniform, the issue such as difference of optical performance, long wear easily lead to blurred vision, headache, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, and so on and so forth, serious still can cause vision loss, etc. Another inferior plastic sunglasses for uv protection function is poorer, color too deep lens may make the pupil grow larger after wearing, at this point is not block uv rays are more likely to damage the eyes, even does more harm than don't wear sunglasses. So we must to normal optician to buy to buy sunglasses, to master the skills and methods of the choice, to avoid the plastic sunglasses from. Recommended reading: choosing sunglasses parsing all
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