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Plastics market forecast on October 24, 2018---acrylic lens market price

by:Eugenia     2022-01-11
★International Crude Oil Latest News Oil prices plummeted by about 5% on Tuesday to a two-month low. The global stock market sell-off triggered concerns about demand growth. Saudi Arabia previously stated that if necessary, it may rapidly increase the supply of crude oil, which eased the United States. Concerns about supply before Iran sanctions take effect. Brent crude oil futures fell 4.25%, or 3.39 US dollars, to close at 76.44 US dollars a barrel. US crude oil futures closed down 2.93 US dollars to 66.43 US dollars per barrel. Plastics market forecast on October 24, 2018 [Market summary and forecast] PE market: The market continued to be weak yesterday, and the price partially weakened by 50-100 yuan/ton. The low level of linear futures has restrained the market mentality. In addition, petrochemical inventories have risen, the trading atmosphere is not good, some merchants will make allowances, downstream demand has not changed much, terminal inquiries are general, and firm offers focus on negotiation. Quote reference: Chongqing market is weakened, Lanhua 2426H reported 9900 yuan/ton; Shunde market was slightly adjusted, Guangzhou 7042 tax-free 9050-9150 yuan/ton; Suzhou market quoted, Yangzi 5000S reported 11400 yuan/ton. Today’s forecast: It is expected that today’s market prices will largely stabilize and move slightly. ●PP market: Yesterday, the market price was weak. Individuals were still slightly lowered by 50-100 yuan/ton. Polypropylene futures opened lower and some CNPC and Petrochemical companies lowered their ex-factory prices. This was a double negative blow. The market players were pessimistic and traders were The market outlook is expected to be bearish, and the firm offer is mainly focused on profit-making shipments. Downstream companies use and buy while watching. Reference to local market conditions: Qilu Chemical City market fell slightly, Shijiazhuang T03 reported 10,800 yuan/ton; Changzhou market was weakened and consolidated and continued to refine T30S reported 10,900 yuan/ton; Guangzhou market declined weakly, Daqing Refining u0026 Chemical T30S reported 11,000 yuan/ton. Today’s forecast: It is expected that today’s market conditions will remain weak. ●PVC market: Yesterday, the market price trend was stable. Futures rebounded slightly. Merchants' quotations increased tentatively. Downstream factories were cautious in obtaining goods, and it was difficult to follow up actual transactions. Reference market: Changzhou market offers a small increase, the current mainstream of type 5 calcium carbide is 6640-6700 yuan / ton; the Shantou market is stable, and the current mainstream quotation of type 5 is 6700-6750 yuan / ton; the Guangzhou market is stable, at present The mainstream price of ordinary calcium carbide is 6620-6700 yuan/ton. Today's forecast: It is expected that today's market conditions will be basically stable. PS market: Yesterday, market prices generally weakened, the raw material market continued to fall, merchants had a strong wait-and-see attitude, downstream factories had insufficient replenishment momentum, market negotiations were weak, and the atmosphere was poor. Actual transactions were mainly demanded. Reference market: Ningbo market quotation has not changed much, CITIC 525 reported 12450 yuan/ton; Yuyao market quotation partly declined, 118 reported 13,050 yuan/ton; Shantou market quotations generally fell, SKG-118 reported 11,300 yuan/ton. Today's forecast: It is expected that today's market conditions will continue to drop. ●ABS market: Yesterday, the market price continued to decline. The upstream styrene market remained weak. Merchants were not enthusiastic about their operations. They chose to sell at a profit. The downstream factories still had insufficient demand and still purchased on-demand. There were not many firm transactions for the time being. Poor trading. Reference market: Dongguan market quotation fluctuated lower, Taiwan 757 reported 13,420 yuan/ton; Ningbo market price continued to decline, 0215A quoted 14,550 yuan/ton; Dongguan market quotation fluctuated lower, Taiwan 757 reported 13,420 yuan/ton. Today’s forecast: The market is expected to decline slightly today. ●PET bottle flake market: Yesterday, the market price declined weakly, and the cost trend fluctuated. It is difficult to support the market. The market players are dominated by pessimism, terminal demand is weak, and downstream factories are not willing to take the initiative to receive goods. Market price reference: North China The water bottle material is self-picked at 9500-9600 yuan/ton, and the water bottle material in East China is 9450-9600 yuan/ton. Today’s forecast: The market performance today is expected to remain weak. ●PET waste recycling market: Yesterday, the market price remained stable, and the supply of wool bottles and recycled bottle flakes decreased. With the support of cost and supply shortage, the cleaning factory has a strong psychology of reluctance to sell at low prices, and the recycled chemical fiber market has not seen a good performance. , The chemical fiber factory has limited willingness to actively purchase raw materials, and the overall trading atmosphere on the market is mild. Market price reference: the white film on the East China market is 7000-7100 yuan/ton. Acrylic lens market price
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