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Plate number tiffany tang loved a few fashionable sunglasses at the airport

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Good luck tying the tiffany tang as 2015 screen, always running in the airport. And every time there are sunglasses covered face, a pair of leisure fashion sense, look very good temperament. Stars appear in public always like to use a pair of fashionable can show their own temperament sunglasses, do you want to know the goddess of love which a few fashion sunglasses? Next we look together! A baseball cap and a pair of oversized square dazzle light frame sunglasses, the goddess of the foil of elegant unsurpassed in fashion dress, a pair of round reflective sunglasses, fashion cool a black ski hat, a pair of big square frame sunglasses, small face lined with a baseball cap, a suit of suspenders, coupled with a pair of round box blue sunglasses, smartly in casual clothes, a pair of purple frog mirror, simple fashion tiffany tang have starred in 'why sheng's xiao' the daughter female thief 'live flesh three channel TV, also quietly collect orea, hawick lau, li yi feng three men of god. At present, she and the south Korean star Rain starred in the idol drama 'carat' couple, hit again tothe smoothly 'of' an international, into many male fans god's mind. 'Contracting male profession of god' and there are all kinds of disputes, a netizen tiffany tang's heroine, mostly in the form of individual character as 'Mary Sue' dumb white sweet ', but in her view, 'silly white sweet' was never a derogatory term, 'because if it were not for the process of' stupid white sweet ', there would be no today's me, too. 'The optimistic, fighting god goddess also recently announced with male Luo Jin relationship, true love career double harvest! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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