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Polarized sunglasses are not only suitable for the summer

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
When we are in the summer peak temperature, patients may ask polarized sunglasses, transition lenses and colored or uv protection lens options. This is education current patients like outdoor activities, best time, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, or no bicycle polarized lens. Recommended reading: what are the advantages of often wear polarized sunglasses? With the increase of ultraviolet irradiation and the risk of permanent eye damage, polarized lens is becoming more and more like an optional fixed device. 。 Let us show you why with a series of optical polarized glasses to place your pharmacy practice active patients will benefit you and your profits. Polarized lenses may reduce eye fatigue, block glare, can deserve to go up a prescription, and usually equipped with uv coating. However, not all polarization is equal! Some low quality of polarized sunglasses can only reduce 10% of the reflected light. To ensure the quality of your patients know they buy lens, and the difference between uv protection sunglasses and colored sunglasses. Colored sunglasses not polarized light, do not need to stop from the ultraviolet radiation from the computer screen or blue light. Uv coating polarized glasses are very suitable for those lifestyle involves driving during the day, for a long time outdoor activities or in the snow. So how to marketing? First of all, should try to match your staff, post on social media page images, and recommend it to anyone who is into your practice. Browse the pharmacy might try polarized lens, but didn't realize the difference between polarized and unpolarized light. Make sure your photos on verbal explanation to provide sample and demonstration. If you have already encourage your optometrists recommended to all patients with prescription sunglasses, please make sure that they have a valid demonstration program. For example, they can bring patients to outdoor, and comparing the ordinary sunglasses with polarized lens, to display the differences in the quality of color and reduce glare. And glare box, patients can view, in order to understand the effectiveness of the polarization. In order to keep the sunglasses at the end of the summer sales is stable, you can for promotional activities, and provide excellent candidates for preference lens coupons. Has the corrective surgery, sensitive eyes or cataract patients may need polarized lens. Most people don't know polarization will increase their comfort, and help prevent eye problems. If you sell all of the patients sunglasses and convincing presentation, your customers may end up buying the polarization of the polarized lenses.
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