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Polarized sunglasses how to choose

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Polarized sunglasses how to select

1, look at the level of UV protection
the degree of UV protection is so-called refers to the UV standard, probably means: perception of the human eye to light and visible light range is 380 ~ 780 nm, is refers to under 380 nm wavelength ultraviolet invisible light. UV380 means can effectively block under 380 nm wavelength light. And standard UV400 because part also blocking the visible light, so will lose some colour.
2, pay attention to the polarized light, the polarization filter
to observe the color saturation of sunglasses, not good sunglasses can make objects becomes blurred contours, make the eye fatigue, uncomfortable. And polaroid is made according to the principle of polarization of the light, the light of the vibration plane and polarization parallel to the axis, the polarized filter to make the polarized light through. Therefore, when the light is organized into visible light into the eye, this will make the surrounding scenery looks clear and not dazzling. Add another prominent advantage is the extremely light and thin thickness usually is 0. 8 mm or 1. 1 mm, and impact resistance, so the lens is very suitable for driving and outdoor activities when wear, very popular with everyone.
in general, people like to wear polarized sunglasses driving, not only can stop invisible light, also can filter out something reflective.
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