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Polarized sunglasses to buy error need to be careful

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Polarized sunglasses is one of the sunglasses, it not only has the fashion style, also has the function of rays can protect eyes plus for your image temperament at the same time. However, a lot of people at the time of purchase of polarized sunglasses are lost in myth, below, small make up to you to list the following two big error, reference to a friend in need. Myth: the color of the lens the deep uv protection, the better the results a lot of consumer are buying polarized sunglasses often mistakenly assume that the color of the lenses, the more deep ultraviolet prevention effect is better, in fact this is not correct. Polarized sunglasses lens color can only be decided through the lens of visible light, does not affect the function of the lens uv, determine the lens uv protection function is the material of the lens and film. Lens material and membrane layer as the average consumer can't tell, consumers could uv400 tags to distinguish on the sunglasses, only uv400 sunglasses only qualified products, have the function of the rays. Erroneous zone 2: high quality price is particular good some illegal businessmen in interests, driven by selling some fake brand polarized sunglasses. And some consumer is buying sunglasses when think your is good, therefore, does not pay attention to the actual quality of the product. In fact, the polarized sunglasses when buy must go to normal qualified store or online store to purchase. Because such optical shop or online shop, not only guaranteed product quality and after-sales service also keep up with, is good for consumers to maintain their own rights and interests. Above the polarized sunglasses to buy small make up for everybody is erroneous zone of relevant information, if you want to know more information about polarized sunglasses, welcome to enter the sunglasses, glasses factory network you can directly enter the polarized sunglasses purchase page ( https://www. yichao。 cn/pgtyjkey/) For related products to buy.
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