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Polarized sunglasses to choose what color is better?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Now a lot of friends in the choice of sunglasses, often more attention is the product price, quality and style and so on, actually lenses that the choice of the color is also very important. What color is better then the polarized sunglasses? Recommended reading: what role does the wear polarized sunglasses? Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses here are tired on the comparison of several common lenses 1, grey lens: balanced to absorb all kinds of light, watch the scenery will be dimmed, but you don't have clear off color, can show the true feeling, belong to the neuter color. 2, dark brown lens, filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity, under the condition of the air pollution is serious, or foggy wearing effect is better. 3, green lens: while absorb light, can maximize reach the eyes green light, is suitable for the people use eye fatigue. 4, yellow lenses: yellow lenses can hardly reduce visible light, but in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses can improve visual contrast, let a person see more clearly. 5, pale blue/pale pink lens: shallow blue, shallow pink lens belongs to the decorative than practical lens, filter effect is often not satisfactory. Remind everybody under the polarized sunglasses not darker is better. Actually, the function of sunglasses filter ultraviolet associated only with plating membrane, color is not as deep as possible. Open long-distance drivers, in particular, if wear sunglasses color too deep, eye fatigue, more easily from the strong sunlight to enter the tunnel and other light suddenly dark place also is more dangerous. So suggest polarized sunglasses can choose gray, brown, yellow.
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