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Polarizer clamping piece is?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Polarizer clamping piece, polarized sunglasses are specially designed for myopia group, has the function of anti dazzle light, uv protection. When go to the sun, as long as the sunglass clip down obscure myopic lens, sun protection purposes. Entered the room, as long as the sun glasses take off, has become a myopia glasses. Due to its small and easy to carry, and the price is not as expensive as special sunglasses, so a lot of people will be willing to choose a polariscope clamping piece. Sunglasses sunglasses factory 203 blackish green frame glasses clip unisex polarization hangs lens sunglasses it consists of seven layers of different materials, each layer of the lens in each function. The lenses polarization Angle and radian is based on the principle of precision optical design. Wear a wielder with not imitation as scenery distortion and dizzy feeling! Every piece of lens by the original factory strengthen treatment, scratch resistance and not easy deformation, broken. Can use long security and performance remains the same! Polarizer clamping piece glasses frame production and qualitative material has a professional design and supervision, wear well and comfortably. 210 night vision sunglasses sunglasses factory specialized clip for driver, the lens color is yellow, both men and women
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