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Polaroid launched fashion design, 2017 spring and summer the sun glasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Under the price of economic material benefit to build design, innovation, and functional composite is one of the important concept of Polaroid new series of products: thanks to the unique polarized lens technology, Polaroid with unparalleled price for every consumer to bring the design feeling extremely and 100% uv protection glasses, create real 'instant experience'. Just wear glasses can feel a wonderful sense of color and light, obtain satisfactory visual enjoyment. In order to perfect the undistorted vision, ultra high contrast resolution and alleviate eye fatigue, all the Polaroid sunglasses use UltraSight lenses. New series of three kinds of styles of men and women all appropriate, frames with Havana and black to choose from, with five different colors of lenses and glasses front end decorative bridge color photograph echo, from bright green, orange, light blue, and purple mirror version, to the more classic brown and black. The appearance of round and square with double bridge design well be ponder lens, color echo lens reveals fashion sense, reflect the Polaroid brand tenet: to respect personal taste, style and personality at the same time bring the beautiful experience to be all things to all people. New sunglasses for both on design and function can meet the demand of men and women's tastes, and material to innovation reengineering signature style. PLD 1023 / S and PLD 6030 / S PDL 6031 elements with Polaroid landmark 'pixel' details for inspiration, new fine and ultra light neutral with polycarbonate is made, and on the glasses front end with metal rivets. A square or circular contour tie-in fun lock hole shape glass bridge, or flat double mirror and lens color consistent thin bridge, with a choice of the color have blue, green, purple, orange, pink, gray, black and brown. Polaroid has a few sun glasses designed for the consumer demand for uv protection with special design, especially in the mountains or the beach these special intense ultraviolet radiation region. PLD 8024 / s and PLD 8023 / s circle outline of polycarbonate or square polycarbonate with metal frames and dumb light surface lens neutral sunglasses. PLD8024 / S model has four kinds of color can choose: purple, green, blue and yellow, with gray polarized lens. PLD8023 / s model is equipped with a matte color, red, blue, and black with gray polarized lens. This article from the VOGUE fashion network, slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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