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Polaroid Polaroid released 2014 / asia-pacific edition of qiu dong series sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Polaroid glasses eye care as a global pioneer leading brand as well as the inventor of the polarized lens, optical products, is now launched the new glasses 2015 series. New avant-garde design and bright color collocation, combined with the Polaroid proud of more than 75 advanced polarization technology. Brand always focus on innovation, eye protection, provides the perfect visual enjoyment and high standard for global customers trust. Polaroid UltraSightTM polarizing lenses have nine functional elements: lens polarizing filter, and through four uv filter layer, two layers of buffer layer and two layer stroke prevention to provide comprehensive protection. New series of lenses use particular ThermofusionTM technology innovation, in the lens in the process of production quality and technical innovation to the core of the lens - — Polarized layer by comprehensive protection, with excellent optical visual effect. To better meet the diverse needs of the numerous customers, Polaroid launch two amazing UltraSightTM lens, on sale since 2015, high standard series of lightweight lenses, bringing a light texture and a more flexible wearing feeling, and high quality series lens has superior strength and thickness. Modern ladies series, this series of sunglasses focus attention to detail design, designed for fine women, charm is elegant, thanks to the Polaroid's UltraSightTM polarized lens, the perfect visual experience at the same time bring better eye protection. PLD 5001 / F/S model wide classic feminine shape, set with small iconic lead glass, the outline of the classic brand identity, the Asian version of ms sun glasses enjoys a Polaroid professional eye protection technology, for the pursuit of fashion and comfort women. Style from the classic elegant is tonal, bright black with a gradient gray lenses, Havana and fuchsia color match polarization gradient brown lens. Modern men's series, this series of men's sunglasses, pay attention to wear comfort design appearance modelling is amazing, focus on details and combined with Polaroid UltraSightTM polarized lens, showing excellent performance. PLD 2020 / F/S type neutral sheet sun glasses is soft and USES the square shape, wearing comfortable, designed for Asian face customization design. The model adopts the mirror arm with metal brand logo design, transmission of active and pure and fresh feeling. Tonal collocation, including bright black with green polarized lens, color match and Havana brown polarized lens.
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