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Polaroid sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Edwin he invented the world in 1929 the first polarizer, and named it the polaroid. Polaroid sunglasses lenses require or small part of work, demand is very high. So each a polaroid sunglasses is very precious. Polaroid polarization technology, can realize the lens forming, and the comprehensive protection of lens core partial membrane, guarantee the polarization effect was not influenced by the outside environment of the lens. Can also protect the lens during production, precision molding and adjust the thickness of the lens, optical effect is stronger than any other technology. Using Thermofusio polarizing technology, produced polarizer, can protect the visual acuity, allow the wearer to see good size, shape and distance, and don't cause high intraocular pressure or dizzy wait for a phenomenon. So, polaroid polarization technique is lens technology pioneer and expert, is making the lens good global technology patents. In the design of sunglasses, polaroid according to the Asian face curve design, completely cover the line of sight, achieve better filtering effect of light. Polaroid sole composite technology, the line of sight zero distance, laminating layer 9 lenses, lens in the core module is the middle tier 9 layer polarization filter layer, upper and lower sides of UV400 protection layer can isolate the invasion of the harmful light, more intensive outer coating is used to protect the lens impact resistance the blowout, outer layer of the hardened layer to protect the lens from hard objects scratch, waterproof and oil, make it easy to clean.
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