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POLICE in conjunction 'captain America 3' iron man man fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
'Captain America 3' grand show, one of the leading role of the avengers alliance leader worn by the iron man in the film is big this year heat omar exclusive series within the POLICE sunglasses. Like a POLICE brand, iron man - - Tony stark has been enthusiastic and full of power, real and powerful. With the strength of the film, 'captain America 3' return, play the iron man Robert downey Jr. also once again return to the audience. This time, have been interacting with the hero's POLICE and iron man, combining the common independent and rebellious, fashion and not blind man classic shape. 'Captain America 3' story carries on 'the avengers alliance 2: Ultron era' the aftermath of the events, tells the story of the Ultron incident triggered a series of political problems lead to internal contradictions between the avengers intensified and spread the story of the civil war. Iron man with cool equipment in 'civil war' crisis also don't forget to modeling handsome, the strength of the POLICE in the film display for love glasses stark to tailor a found within the family omar exclusive series double-color hollow out frame sunglasses, also don't blink in front of the guns. As POLICE brand masterpiece, omar exclusive series of metal double bridge of the nose in embedded design, and custom in the sides of the box before the futuristic, show the style of the POLICE's highest. Dichroic mirror legs design, make a contrast of the matte effect, and before all the way to the box. Is not only the stark, the life of Robert downey Jr. also speak for POLICE hardboiled aesthetics platform: in 'captain America 3' conference, wearing POLICE downey and other exclusive glasses 'iron man' star of play. POLICE began in 1983, the Italian brand, has been in American metropolitan style for inspiration, with enthusiasm, creativity, and continuously research and development of brand concept, created many unique design of the product. Brand marks the strong city high rhythm life attitude, in addition to the popularity of the designs of the glasses, watches, accessories, perfume and leather sheet is tasted, also is one of the outstanding brand of fashion. Ray ban RB2132 - F men sunglasses 622/17 black/dazzle colour blue chip
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