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Police sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
In 1983, in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, was born the first deputy POLICE ( The police) Brand sunglasses. Then carry out with the aim of the fashion, personality, fashion, POLICE have launched a series of watches, fashion accessories, leather goods and other products. After 20 years of development, to establish an international brand, popular in more than 70 countries and regions in the world. David Beckham, Bruce Willis once done for its endorsement. The police sunglasses pays attention to the details of product design, fusion tactile sensation. In the design of a famous master of contracted style, smooth, simple line to match all kinds of present as a persistent attitude, and the selected material, more make the perfect quality and the design process. Police for the brave and firm character trend, create a new trend, and in terms of quantity and detail it. this is overstated. Police brand special COOL& SEXY style, interpretation of the Italian life style and spirit, for the global aggressive, independent and creative, individual character is dye-in-the-wood and not keep normal young people to follow and respected, and become an important global trend of brand guide life. Below small make up to you some police sunglasses daily maintenance strategy: one, the picture frame or the lens stained with dust and sweat, grease, cosmetics, etc. Please use neutral detergent with warm water cleaning, reoccupy soft cloth blot; 2, need not when with the lens cloth is good, the lens facing up and placed in a special bag, wary of lenses and frames are hard scratch; Third, when the pick glasses, please grab a mirror feet, are facing off, one hand pick glasses, easy deformation and loose phenomenon;
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