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Ponder tide KALLA lens glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
In KALLA, colour is an art. It for the children of the east face precision custom comfortable box type, the popular color coated lenses, stylist big play fashion concept of restoring ancient ways, will ponder the concept of wet mirror play incisively and vividly, overthrow your visual experience. Use color to show itself to the world's exclusive style that grabs an eye, is has the flavor of the old days, enough to make you a whole summer profusion. Models: KL6077 this sunglasses in 'Look Style' event horizon is great reward to take off the lead, and deduced by numerous female characters of the Chen chose KALLA KaiLan sunglasses, let her more add fashion and elegant, also let KALLA gained 'FUN fashion design award' event horizon is great reward. KALLA KaiLan glasses from long ancient Greek culture, romantic charming adhered posture, the romantic with a vivid dream together, represented in fashion brand of free style and unique creativity. Its inspiration from the charming scenery of the Aegean sea, Ming yan's modelling and amorous feelings coruscate gives enthusiastic liberal attitude, full of elegant dream very self-confidence, to everyone's voice desire for freedom. KALLA's spokesperson is li-kun wang, in a youth beautiful beautiful appearance, elegant li-kun wang has a bright personality and strong heart, she in shaping the pure and fresh, elegant temperament as well as rich individual character, elegant fashion, such as tension, KALLA brand is reflected in her body. Above is the small make up finishing editing sunglasses factory, more knowledge glasses to sunglasses factory glasses net please look at it. Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn/additional glasses sunglasses factory network has a variety of glass lens to choose from, oh, quality and cheap!
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