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Popular 2018 four sunglasses are all here

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
If leaving only one in all accessories category, I think everyone will choose sunglasses. Again on the collocation of the street, as long as a pair of sunglasses will become very extraordinary, sunglasses have unique aura and personality are any other accessories can not substitute. Recommended reading: sunglasses selection strategy: your face is suitable for what kind of sunglasses? The cat's eye sunglasses big this year heat of cat's eye sunglasses, keep the circular frame retro feeling, only the first half of the picture frame line is lifted up, pull wide stretch upper face on the vision, can by comparing to the second half of the face more smaller. The modelling of the cat's eye sunglasses changed, very suitable for fashionable choice, at the same time it the upward-sloping modelling is full of feminine charm, is the necessary choice of many girls to travel. Aviator sunglasses aviator sunglasses since invented heat will never return! Joker modelling and super little face capability should be is it a must of reason, in addition to the classic style, the most popular this year is the transparent lens of all sorts of color! The feeling of mystery and youth mutual confluence, can give a person the temperament of high-end fashion, is also a lot of stars must start with the product. Restore ancient ways round sunglasses large round glasses really very stylish! Star hipster modelling is to hang a pair of round sunglasses out street is complete! And this year popular metal frame more show the fashionable feeling of restoring ancient ways, very suitable for holiday when worn. Once secretly remind everybody, if you want to show face small, try to choose oversize round sunglasses, can very good help you cover the defect, make your face look small fine! The first half of the club sunglasses sunglasses is box of resin, the lower part is a metal frame, resin and metal combination gives a person strange and unique novelty, coupled with the powerful modified face club sunglasses, almost any shape can be worn, you don't have to worry about choice can find is not suitable for your sunglasses. The above four sunglasses style that is popular this year, do you have a heart?
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