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Popular cartoon game theme around glasses is great reward

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Love to watch anime you have is not unfamiliar to the word 'anime peripheral, scene play, food, models, super alloy, doll, twisted egg, magazine, CD, etc rich animation derivative products have penetrated into random friends all aspects of daily life, they in their desire to random friends collection at the same time, also brought substantial profits for the animation industry, promote the sustainable development of animation industry. Surrounding the glasses as a classification of anime peripheral products, more recently, more and more popular with the masses of friends cartoon, like 'the one', 'EVA', 'dragon ball' and so on have been promoting theme glasses products. Underneath, small make up to introduce a few recent popularity at the anime glasses surrounding the topic. 'To advance the giant', 'to advance the giant has elapsed, triggered a rush, and have quick moisture content circle nature also won't let this topic. Recently, JINS PC from Japan as 'ferocious giants' for the title has created a set of limited edition of glasses. This group of limited edition item corresponding to Allen, will soldier in the anime and three dai li four characters long, each design glasses are based on the character's face and positioning in the anime character. In selling form, JINS PC this time also for four glasses developed special glasses box month receive bag. The Oriental project ', 'Oriental project' series of official role theme glasses 'TOHO MEGANE' first play including the spirit and the principle of sand two dreams, each 200 limited production, and comes with a serial number. The design of the theme of glasses from illustrator pan zhe island hong fan 'Oriental MEGANE' will, after Shanghai ALICE magic orchestra permission, by deacon glasses Less then the human and prominent sign manufacturing company. Glasses with a laser marker spirit was on the way of the dream of headband and the theory of five mans magnitude can be the image of the role of small decoration, and affiliated with the role name original glasses boxes, glasses cloth. The monster hunter CAPCOM announced cooperation with famous Japanese glasses manufacturer ALOOK, introduced several glasses 'monster hunter' theme. In one of the seven design corresponding to the series of popular monsters, from P3 ray Wolf dragon to 3 g dragon from soup to nuts. Popular cartoon game theme around glasses is great reward
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